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who we are

The Actor's Establishment (TAE) began in September 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a space for actors to harness their work, stay creatively active, and to freely express their own artistic interpretations. TAE's mission is simple, It's All About Returning To The Work.


TAE creates an environment for actors’ exploration of their individual training needs through sharing knowledge and insight from master teachers in the art of acting. TAE’s focus is on the fundamental core techniques integrated with a deep understanding of script and text analysis allowing the discovery of circumstances, relationships, and intentions.


TAE does not teach one specific method or technique but rather offers an ongoing Scene Study and Analysis class in addition to a myriad of masterclasses taught by professional experts trained in a wide range of specific skills. This approach accompanied by qualified instructors allows actors to connect with an advanced understanding of analytical techniques while giving them the opportunity to explore new disciplines and vast possibilities. TAE is continually motivated by giving each actor a platform to expand their abilities, discover new avenues of growth and find or reconnect with the artist within.


TAE is breaking the barriers of arts education and training by helping actors take control of their careers through the return to drama’s classic roots and the calling to dig deeper.


With sessions and workshops ready for your enrollment, come see for yourself why The Actor’s Establishment was created and designed for you.


It’s time to get back to the work!


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our training

Come learn among the best at The Actor's Establishment. No matter which workshop or masterclass you choose, you’re well on your way to exceptional training that will provide you with the tools you need in order to succeed.

All Workshops, MasterClasses, and Coachings will be virtual/online until further notice. Zoom links are sent out the day before your workshop or session via email. 


weekly classes



Actors will focus on effective collaboration, efficient rehearsal practices, and bringing truth to each performance through analysis, by pursuing text driven, strong, specific actions and intentions, in an approach suitable for each actor. Workshop will cover multiple scenes and/or monologue. 

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Actors will interpret and discuss analytical approaches to a given text to enhance and hone a performance on stage. Actors will identify the elements of analysis, structure and form, historical and societal conflicts, and how these analytical approaches can impact courageous and bold choices. This workshop will culminate in a reading of a full play. 

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